Issue 1

Issue #1

LKR 500.00

Whats Inside
  • Ramadan is special because… It is a GIFT from Allah.
  • Ramadan related words in Arabic
  • Virtues of fasting
  • Ways to get the Best of Ramadan
  • The Islamic Lunar Calendar.
  • The Prophet’s sermon before Ramadan
  • An Awesome book of Duas
  • Ramadan Activity Calendar
  • Healthy Ramadan
  • Super fun Ramadan Crossword
  • My Very Own Ramadan Checklist
  • Test your Ramadan knowledge
  • The Greatest Night- that is better than a 1000 months
  • Saying Goodbye to Ramadan
  • It is the 1st day of Shawwaal. Eid Mubarak!!!
  • Craft Activities – Make Ramadan Eid Cards
  • Taraweeh a special prayer
  • Eid – A very Special Celebration!
  • A special letter to Parents

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