Islamic Curriculum

An engaging Islamic studies Curriculum spanning across 10 years – These books have been developed to ensure that they are enjoyable whilst being comprehensive, reliable and meaningful. They build a child‘s essential Islamic knowledge, cultivate good character and instil God consciousness. With extensive references from the Quran and hadith as well as vivid and colourful child-friendly illustrations and activities. These books, with over 150 pages will make the study of Islam stimulating for young children.

Elements from all core subjects are covered in the textbooks in an age-appropriate manner.

PART 1 – 4 books for children in the age group of 4 – 10 yrs. The entire creation manifests Allah’s Attributes called Al-Asma-ul Husna. This section is woven around The Beautiful Names of Allah to make children think about and understand the Islamic teachings on the Creation, the Oneness of Allah, the origin and purpose of man, moral choice, good and evil, the guidance of Allah through the Prophets, Life after Death and accountability on the Day of Judgment. The lessons are based around the 3 fundamental principles that every Muslim must know: Who is your Lord? What is your Religion? Who is your Prophet?

PART 2 – 4 books for ages 11 and above. It is designed to equip learners with the necessary Islamic knowledge to develop a deep-rooted love and relationship with Islam. The content contains information, advice and practical information relevant to young Muslims.