Arabic and Quran Readers

Children are gifted with the ability to pick up a language very fast. Arabic should be taught to young children with techniques that are fun and enjoyable. Here are a set of Activity Books with a difference!

These beautiful books are a great beginning for young children to be introduced to Arabic- the Language of the Quran. These books are perfect for young children to Practice and learn their Arabic Alphabet, Words and Arabic writing skills.

The Pathfinders – Quran Reader is a 3 level series to help students successfully begin reading The Quran.

Arabic is the language of Allah’s last Message: the Holy Quran. This series is a simplified method to successfully begin reading the Quran in a short period of time; with carefully graded lessons which covers letter recognition, vowel signs and rules of reading the Arabic script.

Level 1 – Learning to pronounce The Arabic Alphabet correctly.
Level 2 – Using Vowel signs with the Arabic letters.
Level 3 – Joining of the Arabic Alphabet

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